Expert Assessments

If you suspect that ground movement is affecting your property, KGA can provide expert geotechnical advice to help move you along the right path.

Ground movement is expressed in a building by cracking in walls, the jamming of doors and windows or sloping floors. If you suspect your house is moving, KGA will undertake an initial walkover site assessment to determine the nature of the problem and assess the possible causes and whether it is associated with ground conditions or some other factor. Once the problem is identified, we can provide follow up geotechnical support as required. This can include the preparation of geotechnical evidence in support of litigation.

KGA also undertake site assessments to provide geotechnical advice for:
expert witness support
insurance assessments
independent peer review of third party reports
When carrying out expert witness and peer review work, KGA abides by the Code of Ethics as set out by IPENZ.