Looking at constructing or improving infrastructure?

Public infrastructure and services are constantly being constructed, upgraded or replaced to meet the needs of the community. The projects vary in scope and complexity, but often include deep excavation, trenching or high loadings.

KGA has been involved with numerous infrastructure projects, working with local Council, Government organisations and other consultants. Projects have included

Rail infrastructure
Public pipeline reticulation
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Stream bank remediation
Infrastructure projects vary considerably in scope and complexity and are quoted on an individual basis. If you would like to discuss your project with one of our engineers, call us on 09 478 6655 (Auckland) or 03 343 5302 (Christchurch)

When should a geotechnical engineer be engaged?

The earlier a geotechnical engineer is engaged, the earlier potential problems can be identified and solutions be incorporated into the design. Common ground related issues can include weak or unstable ground, changing lithology or high groundwater The information gathered in an initial geotechnical investigation can be used as part of the detailed design of a project, and if required, more targeted geotechnical testing be undertaken to assist with the design. During construction, we can provide construction monitoring and further design input as works proceed.

What impact will a geotechnical investigation have on everyday operations?

KGA will work with you to ensure that there are minimal disruptions to daily operations, to both the facility and the public. Work can be undertaken at night or on weekends if required. The construction methodology is an important aspect of the design to ensure that the constructions works also achieve minimal disruption.

Can KGA provide construction monitoring?

KGA can provide on-going geotechnical assistance during the construction phase and will undertake the required geotechnical inspections during construction. At completion of the project, KGA can provide certification via a Producer Statement following completion, if required.

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