The Beginning

on 01 January 1990

Keith Gillespie & Associates is formed.

Bring in Rodney

on 01 April 2000

Rodney Hutchison returns from an extended period of overseas experience in the UK and joins Keith Gillespie and Associates Ltd.

The beginning of KGA Geotechnical Ltd

on 29 September 2006

Keith Gillespie retired from the company and the company continued as KGA Geotechnical Ltd. With the growth of KGA, the original office in Browns Bay was too small. KGA moved into new offices at 6 Omega Street, Albany.


Yan joins KGA

on 12 June 2008

Yan Chan joins KGA as Director.



on 16 December 2011

KGA Geotechnical Investigation Ltd is established to help with the Christchurch rebuild.


Welcome Abilio

on 11 June 2015

Abilio becomes Director in Christchurch.

Move to William Pickering

on 19 September 2016

With the growth of KGA, the Omega Street office was too small. KGA moved down the road to 7A William Pickering Drive.


KGA Geotechnical Group Ltd

on 01 April 2017

The activities of KGA Geotechnical Ltd and KGA Geotechncial Investigations Ltd are consolidated into a single entity, KGA Geotechnical Group Ltd. Rodney retires as a Director and Tony Casey steps in.