Construction Monitoring

KGA undertakes construction observations to meet Building and Resource Consent requirements.

Building Consents often require geotechnical observations of the prepared building platform and foundation excavations be undertaken, as well as testing of any subfloor fill. The requirement will be detailed in the Conditions of Consent. KGA can also provide the associated Producer Statement PS4, for the geotechnical observations.

Where earthworks are required to form a building platform, geotechnical observations are undertaken to inspect the prepared subgrade and periodically test the fill as it is placed to ensure that it meets the requirements of NZS4431:1989 Earth Fill for Residential Development. The Resource Consent often requires an Earthworks Completion Report to be prepared on completion of the building platform earthworks.

Subdivision site formation works require on-going geotechnical inspections as the works proceed. These will include observations of the prepared subgrade, periodic testing of the fill as it is placed and the inspection of ground conditions for any subdivision retaining walls. We will also provide on-going geotechnical advice to the construction and design team as the site formation works proceed. Testing of the material will be undertaken as required, including nuclear densometer testing and shrink swell soil testing. At the completion of the site formation works, KGA can prepare a Geotechnical Completion Report (GCR) which outlines the site formation works undertaken and the considerations for development on each Lot.