The 10,000th project number has been reached

The Auckland office achieved a big milestone on 17 February 2017 when we reached the project number 10000.

It was a long time coming, some 26 years in fact, but KGA Auckland reached the great milestone of the 10,000th project number allocated. The rate of jobs coming through the office has increased exponentially through the years. The 5,000th project number wasn't reached until 2008, the 10,000th job number was reached only 9 years in 2017.

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis saw the construction industry in New Zealand basically stop overnight and the phone went eerily quiet. However, there were still enough projects coming through KGA that we could weathered the storm and got through to the other side. We now find ourselves in the opposite position where the housing market in Auckland is booming and the geotechnical and construction industry as a whole is trying to keep up with the pace.

Many jobs come through the office and are out the door a month or so later, and might reappear later down the track for construction observations when the project is being built. Other projects last for years. Our longest job to date is a subdivision in Browns Bay that has been worked on in one form or another for the past 15 years. And it's still ongoing.

If you talk to any of the engineers, all will be able to tell you of one or several particularly memorable jobs, whether it be because of an interesting challenge, an exciting development proposal, a picturesque location or a great design team. They can probably even tell you it's project number, even after hundreds of other project numbers have crossed their desks.

And how did we celebrate this milestone? The KGA team sat down over a pizza lunch and reminisced about some of the more memorable projects, the good and the more interesting.